The average computer holds an information equivalent of over 1,000,000 documents - not to mention enough heavy metals and toxic elements to pollute our air, land and water. Placing these items in your dumpster, on your curb or even giving them away can put you at risk!

protecting you from IT

We are a full-service Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) partner and provide services that include but are not limited to:

SECURE Destruction Services


From hard drives to data tapes - we destroy IT! COMPLIANT: HIPAA, FACTA, Sarbanes Oxley, PCI, Gramm Leach Bliley.
NOW OFFERING Document Shredding Services!

SECURE Investment Recovery and Buy Back program


Don’t store IT! Instead of collecting dust, collect a return on your retired assets.

SECURE Electronics Recycling


Compliant computer and electronics RECYCLING for safe and responsible commodities recovery. Mother earth approved!

Protecting you from IT

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